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Saturday, January 18, 2020
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Notes From Pastor Mike

The Rear View Mirror

Sept 14, 2019


"Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?"


     That is the title to Allen Jackson’s a song.  He asked where we were and what were we doing to work through the heartache of the day.  9/11 changed the lives of many.  Nearly 3,000 lives were snuffed out for a radical religion blinded by the word freedom. 

     Each of these people died as heroes.  Some were held captive in airplanes designed as giant bombs to assault the country.  The financial district, the Pentagon and the last plane headed for the Capital or White House.  The plan designed to cause chaos in the name of Muslim Jihad.  The men who carried out this devastating act were ones who had trained and carefully planned the events of the day, all ready to die for their cause.

      What have we learned from this day now ten years into history?  My feelings of deep sadness are as vivid now, as that day.  Our solidarity of purpose soon replaced by political bickering.  Spending as if there is no tomorrow has worsened, our nation less secure today as before. 

     As Christians, what have we done that makes our world better as a result of this day we look back on?  How many lives have been impacted because you have enough of the Lord in your life that you are willing to give all that some might live?

     I have thought of the firemen and policemen who perished in the line of duty.  Men and women just doing what they are trained to do.  They took little thought of their own safety to stand in the gap for others.  Our President, George Bush as Commander in Chief came on the site, wept and mingled with those who needed a compassionate leader.

      I watched as the news replayed the disastrous day, feeling the same sorrow and despair as when it was happening.   How many Christians have the passion to serve Jesus like those men served their cause and died forcing their beliefs into our lives?

     I am convinced that our dedication to our Lord is far less than those on the plane that day.  I watch in sadness at our fellow Christians, living far below the promises given.  Withholding the first fruit giving and puzzled as to why they have such a struggle in life.  Gliding on a path often of chosen ease rather than of sacrifice wondering why their churches don’t grow or prosper.  Arms folded letting others do the tasks needed or finding churches that provide the many perks that size provides rather than taking part in hands on service to the Lord.

     So where were you that day?  What positive Kingdom changes have you made?  Will anyone make Heaven their home as a result? 

Just a thought.


Pastor Mike!