Lee's Summit First Church of the Nazarene
Thursday, July 09, 2020
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Notes From Pastor Mike

The Rear View Mirror

March 22, 2020


"36 Years and Counting!?"


It seems like yesterday that we came.  Kelly was very small, Kris and Wendy running around checking out the newly fallen ice in the front yard.  Unloaded our truck and began to get adjusted to Lee’s Summit.  Home at last. 

     Not all of our life was scripted as I would have written it.  I was the pastor of a church of numerous pastoral changes, most rarely longer than a year and a half.  Indebted $75,000 and another $70,000 owed to the Kansas City District.  Change happened nearly each week as folks adjusted where they would worship, often other than with us.  We began our journey and watched our family grow and change.  New faces joined the group as they too had need and we could provide what was missing.  From a family of four, three became ten called Buettner.  Foster care continued; Police Chaplain became a part of our ministry.  Weddings, funerals, visitations, budgets, bills, joy, grief, holiness messages, salvation became a way of life.  A multitude of folks touched our lives.  Many never darkening the doors of “First Church” in Lee’s Summit.  Years passed and the Vision did not change.  Touching the Lost for Jesus.  Giving that “cup of water” became a part of life for the Buettner family.    

     What would I have changed?  Well honestly, I’d have done a few things different had I been privy to the history.  As they say, hindsight is always 20/20.  Yet, God has been faithful during these years.

     Recently I was told that because I had been in Lee’s Summit for the 36 years, some thought it time for me to retire or become an evangelist.  My mode of operation always included what the Lord wanted, and I’ve always sought to follow His leading.  So, in the years we remain, the vision is the same.  Passion for the lost, loving the sheep, preaching without compromise, singing the songs of praise all will remain.  New energy comes from the wonderful place we call “home” and our church family.  Sure, glad we came.

Just a thought.


Pastor Mike!