Lee's Summit First Church of the Nazarene
Sunday, December 16, 2018
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Notes From Pastor Mike

The Rear View Mirror

Dec. 15, 2018


"I Must Sing!"


When was the last time you broke out into a song because you couldn’t contain your joy?  Was it when you looked at a newborn baby, so delicate, tiny fingers, features fresh?  Was it when you asked your spouse to marry you and the response was, “Yes I’ll marry you!”        

Why ask?  Well for many we fill the Christmas season with songs of praise.  This year Christmas songs began long before Thanksgiving.  It sounded strange to me, I grumbled at it, yet they continued anyway.  So we heard songs of snow, songs of the wonder of Christmas and various other winter tunes.  Instead of Merry Christmas or Jesus is the Reason for the Season, many greetings focused to tell you Holiday Greetings for fear of upsetting someone or politically incorrect.

For those who might get upset, I have three words for you.  Get over it!  This is a holiday for the believers in Jesus Christ and we take time to stop what we are doing and give praise.  We share an evening together called Christmas Eve and a day of family celebration giving gifts of love as reminders of our God who, gave us His best on this very special day.  Few of the complainers have ever refused to take a day off with pay on that holiday and would be upset if not receiving a Christmas bonus as well.

Why the songs of joy?  It was “exceeding great joy” in the scriptures.  That, my friend, goes far beyond our comprehension, far beyond most of our understanding.  To think, that the Son of God, would come to earth, slip into the poverty of mankind amazes me.  The King who had it all, gave it up to live and walk our planet.  Then allowed His own, to nail Him to a tree, hang there in agony and die in our place.


Hallelujah, what a Savior!  So, whether we sing, “Away in the manger no crib for His head.” Or “Silent night Holy night,” it should be sung in awe. That Creator God would stop the evil in the world and for thirty-three years inhabit put on skin like a glove and live on our planet and then send the comforter to pick up where He left off, well it is nothing short than amazing!  If you can’t get up a good reason to sing with joy after that, go back to the cross, live there a while immersed the reality that played out.  Then come away with a song in your heart and pass it along…  You can do that… can’t you?

Just a thought.


Pastor Mike!